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Dr. Mike Silvestri and his team at Silvestri Chiropractic & Wellness

are experts in correcting body issues and relieving symptoms naturally.
Say goodbye to costly prescriptions and surgeries as we employ effective
protocols to address the root causes of your health problems. 

Chiropractic Care

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care begins with diagnosing and identifying misalignments of the joints or spinal column, known as subluxations. These misalignments lead to patients suffering from disorders that affect muscles, organs and, most commonly, nerves. Chiropractic care features adjustments or manipulations of the misalignments to restore proper function to muscles, organs and nerves, which in turn eliminates the symptoms a patient may be experiencing.


Corrective Chiropractic Care is a non-invasive form of treatment that can help with many different symptoms and issues within the human body. It's most recognized for helping correct alignment issues within the spinal column, however, it is also beneficial in helping with mental problems, joint issues, muscle tightness and other symptoms. It is a great form as a primary treatment to a patient's problems, but is also a great supplemental treatment to traditional medicine.

Spinal Rehab

Spinal Rehabilitation

Once your body's main issues within the nervous and musculoskeletal system have been addressed to relive the immediate causes of your discomfort, then it is extremely important to strengthen and repair the areas that caused your issues.

By performing Spinal Rehabilitation, Dr. Mike Silvestri is able to help keep your nervous system functioning properly.

A properly-functioning nervous system will allow your muscles and tissues to strengthen and stabilize your body.

This practice will then help to ensure that your body continues to heal itself and decrease the symptoms that you would normally see without the proper care.

Over time, you will feel better, function better and see an increase in your energy.

Muscle Stim

Electric Muscle Stimulation (TENS)


Over time, muscles may become sore, tight and weak.

There are many causes to this, including lack of activity or an injury.

To help heal the muscles and get them to function properly again and regain the strength needed to carry your body and allow it to perform the proper functions, our team offers Electric Muscle Stimulation (TENS).

This procedure is painless and includes a machine and probes that sends small and harmless electrical currents into the affected muscles. This current forces the muscles to contract and release as if they would under use.

Muscle Stimulation helps to release the tension in the muscle, therefore allowing it to stretch and contract the way it was intended to do. This will help to relieve pain and tightness, and allow the muscle to heal and the nervous system to react better with your body.

Nutrition & Wellness

Clinical Nutrition & Wellness Care

Weights in Park

We want to ensure that your body functions at the highest levels and your risk of injury or pain is reduced.

That is why we offer Clinical Nutrition and Wellness Care.

By helping you learn what to put into your body and how to take care of it, we can help you gain more energy to do the things that you love to do!

Keeping the body moving and in proper maintenance is no different than getting an oil change in your car.

With the proper nutrition and exercises you will feel better than you ever imagined.

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